Dil Sel Dil Tak

| 55min

Have My Son, the story of Parth and Sharvari, a perfect couple in every way, madly in love with each other and excited to have a son who will help them bring the family together again Bhanushali who rejected Shavarni for coming of a lower social class than his son Parth.

But that longed for happiness is achieved with a destination that has other plans, Sharvari loses her son after two months of pregnancy and is unable to get pregnant again.

Now this young couple is even more desperate to have a child and not allow the disunity of the family. A chance of life allows them to meet Teni, a former bar dancer with many desires to obtain easy money to fulfill her dream of moving to the United States. They offer her money to lend her womb for rent and she accepts, so Parth and Sharvani hide their recent miscarriage from their family, move on with the arrival of the new heir, and joy remains in their home and theirs. His parents. But this great happiness has a very high price…. when Teni falls in love with Parth and the Bhannushali family finds out about the surrogacy and has to decide if she accepts this grandchild that she is yet to come. The conflict grows when Sharvani ends her relationship with Parth thinking that he has been unfaithful with Teni.

A revealing story that shows us that it hurts a lot when we lose the person we love due to misunderstandings, but that also convinces us that no one loses anyone because no one owns anyone. It is true freedom that gives us the experience of being able to say that the most important love in the world is the one we do not own.