Ek Hasina Thi

| 55min

Durga seeks justice for a crime committed in the past to her sister Payal. Her methods are unconventional as she eschews traditionalism and finds other ways to achieve her goal by confronting the powers that be and diminishing the influence of the Goenka Family.

ShauryaGoenka is attracted to Durga and wants to spend a night with her and win a bet he made with his friends. Shaurya’s rich and powerful parents; Sakshi and Rajnath Goenka, are always by his side, no matter what he does, protecting him from everything, including the weight of the law for the abuses he commits…

Shaurya and Durga start spending most of their time together, Sakshi slowly realizes Durga’s influence on Shaurya and how subconsciously he is being more influenced by Durga than by her and decides to eliminate her….

During the course of the plot, it is revealed that Durga is actually Nitya Mitra, who wants to avenge her sister, Payal Mitra, whom Shaurya raped two years ago. Nitya wanted to get justice for Payal, but Sakshi and Rajnath bribed all the witnesses, so Nitya lost the case. The rape made Payal go mad, and her parents committed suicide.

The Goenkas in revenge tried to kill Nitya in a car accident in which her face was smashed, but Dr. Dayal Thakur, performed facial surgery on Nitya and gave her the face of their daughter Durga, who had just died.

Now Nitya is back as Durga and wants revenge on the Goenkafamily and begins to destroy all those who had made her suffer. However, her problems increase when Shaurya’s older cousin Dev returns from America, who was Nitya’s best friend and secretly loved her.