| 55min

 “Estrella” tells the story of Estrellita, a girl who, along with the unconditional love of her father Nelson, will manage to break down any adversity until she reaches her most desired dream: to become a star of the Peruvian cumbia. This story begins in 1998 when Flavia, Estrella’s mother, decides to leave her husband Nelson for her brother-in-law Alipio, leaving the little girl alone in the care of her father. ESTRELLITA dreams of being a great singer and NELSON wants to be a professional musician even if he works as a taxi driver. But NELSON is unjustly accused of a murder by Alipio and is taken to prison. Estrellita is forced to live with Alipio and Flavia but ends up escaping from home and going to live with Julito a bootblack child who offers help. But his evil mother comes back and finds her and tells her to forget NELSON, the music and the ridiculous dream of being an “artist”. ESTRELLITA obeys. The years pass to the present time 2018 and ESTRELLA has become a woman of great heart. She is married to JOAO and has two children: CHIARA and BOBBY. However, there was always sadness in her for not having seen her father ever again and having turned off her great dream of being a singer. She is a good wife and a loving mother, but she does not feel complete. When seeing that the accounts of the house are low, ESTRELLA begins to work like cashier in “The palace of cumbia”. On this site, the orchestra “La familia” is the central attraction. ESTRELLA is given the surprise that his father NELSON is the guitarist of the group. However, one day, luckily, it’s up to replace the main singer of the group and that’s when ESTRELLA will feel very afraid of reliving a dream that she believed was dead: to be a singer. Will Estrella discover herself and fulfill her dream of being a great singer?