Flower Boy Next Door

| 55min

Flower Boy Next Door is a romantic comedy about a girl named Go Dok Mi who isolates herself from the world. Dok Mi is an attractive girl who has all her young neighbors in the building in love; however, she prefers to live locked in her apartment, which makes her a modern-day Rapunzel “locked in her tower”. From her Tower, she discovers her new neighbor, Enrique Geum who realizes that Dok Mi is constantly spying on him. Enrique Geum is a prodigy as a creative director, handsome, stylish, bohemian, and fascinated by soccer. Despite Dok Mi’s efforts to keep her distance from the world, the 5 attractive young men who live in her building are always pestering her and trying to get her to come out of her voluntary confinement. After a series of chaotic events, Dok Mi begins to open to the world and finds love in one of those boys who have a crush on her.