For Love or Money

| 55min

Mariel is in a difficult situation. Her husband, Eldon, who works in the United Arab Emirates, is accused of murdering his employer. Edon claims it was self-defense because his boss, Mahmoud, tried to abuse him. With the help of Mahmoud’s Filipina wife, Portia, Eldon is saved from a death sentence. However, Eldon has to pay P50 million worth of money to receive a pardon from Mahmoud’s family. Portia has another plan: she plans to keep Eldon and the money his wife paid to save him from prison and death sentence.

Mariel does everything she can to raise the funds to save her husband’s life, but she can’t raise enough. She loses all hope until her ex-boyfriend, Gary, offers to help her on one condition: Mariel must agree to rekindle their romance and become his mistress for one night.

Will Mariel be willing to sacrifice everything she has for the man she loves?