Happy Noodle

| 55min

It all begins when Zhang Lin, the owner of a popular Chinese noodle restaurant, Hangzhou Noodles, falls in love with a Korean chef, Eun-young, during his travel to Korea. Zhang Lin promises that he will be back in 2 years but he cannot keep his word due to a car accident. Even worse, Eun-young suffers from terminal cancer. Before she passes away she begs her best friend Run-mei to bring her son, Ho-su, to his father in China. Run-mei, having a strong affection for Zhang Lin, brings her own son Ho-jin instead, leaving behind Ho-su to an orphanage.

Years later, Ho-su renamed as Soo-chan, comes to China in search of his birth father. His cooking talent inherited from his mother secured him a job in Hangzhou Noodles and his skills are gradually improved to perfection as he learns from different master chefs in China.

Soo-chan’s life becomes complicated when Run-mei and her son Ho-jin wickedly plot against him but fate always favors the gifted and kind-hearted fellow. Finally Soo-chan overcomes various difficulties to reunite with his long-lost family and find the love of his life. Inspired by his own experience, he creates the recipe of “Happy Noodle”.