| 55min

Despite Nimfa’s character, people make fun of her because of her disfigured face. She tries to tolerate the insults they hurl at her. When she finally fights back, she commits a crime and is forced to flee.

Rosette is a beautiful woman with a wicked heart. She marries Homer for his money while having an affair with Jeremy, a plastic surgeon.

While on the run, Nimfa meets Jeremy, who notices her resemblance to Rosette. He offers to perform plastic surgery on her face so that people after her won’t find her. Jeremy transforms Nimfa to look exactly like Rosette. He tricks Nimfa into taking Rosette’s place in Homer’s house. When they successfully switch places, Rosette leaves Homer to be with Jeremy.

Nimfa has no choice but to pretend to be Rosette, but maintains her friendly attitude. Pleased with the change in his wife’s character, Homer repays her with more love. Nimfa discovers that she is falling in love with Homer.

Just when Nimfa thinks she has found happiness in her life, Rosette unexpectedly returns to reclaim her position in Homer’s life.