José Escalante, CEO of Latin Media

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Latin Media Corp., the renowned Latin American and Asian boutique distributor led by José Escalante, announced the creation of its Fiction Formats unit, which went live on August 1 under the leadership of Alexander Martín. Throughout its 12 years of existence, the company has been very successful and has managed to position its catalog of stories from different parts of the world on open television, pay television and digital platforms. The success in this facet, coupled with the constant demand from its many clients in the region, led Latin Media to take this new step forward.

“This is not the first time that we have ventured into this type of market, we have previously entered into agreements with clients from Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Turkey, Spain, the US and the Middle East for our formats, always fiction. The objective of the creation of this unit is to use our know-how in selection of stories from countries so far away in Asia and Europe, also creating an association with writers for the development of IP, and nurturing the strong demand of production companies for plots of remakes and originals that engage their audience” commented Escalante.

Latin Media has more than 12 years of operations and its leader, the Venezuelan José Escalante, with more than 35 years of experience in the content industry with series formats from Peru, Turkey, India, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand , Vietnam, Spain, Poland, Croatia, Greece, among others.

With the nose of this experienced executive for finding attractive content, it has established itself as the only distributor to offer Latin America content from various Asian territories: fictions from the Philippines, Korea, China, the Middle East, as well as the famous Turkish dramas, make up your catalog. The chosen titles are the result of a long and laborious process that aims to select the most innovative for the region.

In addition, the company has just launched the Mundo Drama OTT platform, a pioneer in offering Asian content dubbed into Spanish in Latin America. “It is a digital platform where customers from Latin America and the US Hispanic will be able to access dubbed Asian content, which is what makes us different. We have a lot of content and for the last seven years, we’ve been dubbing it. We want to reach other markets” said Escalante.

Latin Media not only brings products from non-traditional markets to Latin America, it also opens these markets to Latin American productions. He recently sold two soap operas to India for América TV in Peru: Amor de madre and Mis tres Marías, both from producer Michelle Alexander. It is the first time that India buys Latin American material.

Escalante founded Latin Media Corporation in 2009. From the beginning he promoted content for non-traditional markets and even co-produced soap operas in Malaysia. From 2007 to 2009, he held senior positions at Dori Media (CEO of Dori Media America and President and General Manager of Dori Media Distribution). At RCTV International, where he was VP and General Manager, he accumulated 20 years of experience in the television world.