Latin Media brings Odyssey of Love to LatAm, the super-success of Turkish TV with which it opens 2023

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Latin Media kicks off 2023 with several novelties, among which the award-winning Turkish production Odisea de amor stands out. In the cast of this soap opera, actors such as Inanc Omer (Forbidden fruit) and Bihter Delüv (Kosem: the sultana) stand out, and which culminated in Turkey after four seasons, which earned it to be acquired by different clients in Africa, Asia and Europe.

With a fascinating story and an excellent cast of talent, Odyssey of Love promises to be a standout production for the Latin American market.

The company led by José Escalante is recognized for previously bringing great success stories, such as the Turkish Young Wife, the Indian Saras and Kumud and the Philippine La heiress.

“We are convinced that this telenovela maintains the formula that the audience likes. An impossible love that shows two people prisoners between two worlds that will force them to make decisions that change their lives forever. She will find herself caught between the great love of her life and her son, and he between his ideals and the two women who love him. In addition to an evil villain who will make life impossible for the protagonists from the beginning to the end. We trust that Odisea de amor will provide our clients with the content that guarantees success by having our seal of quality,” said Escalante, CEO of Latin Media.

It should be noted that Latin Media remains a reference in the industry as a content boutique with more than 5,000 hours dubbed into Spanish of Filipino, Turkish, Thai, Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese and Indian soap operas and series.