Latin Media kicks off 2023 by adding eight telenovelas from the Philippines, Turkey, Korea and India to its catalog of more than 4,000 hours dubbed into Spanish

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Latin Media, the distributor of José Escalante, starts this 2023 with news from the Philippines, India, Thailand, Korea and Turkey that add to its already extensive catalog of series and novels available for the Latin American market. The company, headquartered in Miami, offers a wide catalog of series from Korea (more than 850 hours), the Philippines (more than 1,000 hours), India (more than 1,500 hours) and Turkey (more than 700 hours) dubbed into Spanish.

“We feel committed to offering our clients a wide variety of stories with the Latin Media seal that guarantee success with different audiences in the region. It’s something we’ve been doing since I started with the company. It is part of our essence,” said Escalante.

It should be noted that Latin Media is a distribution company with more than 14 years of experience in the market that has been a pioneer in bringing stories from Asia and Turkey to Latin America and  the US Hispanic.