Law of Revenge

| 55min

Two friends who vow to maintain a union of sisterhood for the rest of their lives, will have to defy the harsh reality that tries to keep them apart, and confront them in a story full of love, betrayal, rivalry and revenge.

The tragedy begins the day Ellice celebrates her farewell trip to the United States for graduate school. That night, trying to protect herself from an assault, Ellice accidentally kills the son of an influential and wealthy congressman, Victor, who was trying to rape her. Marissa Pineda, Ellice’s humble best friend, takes the blame, Ellice’s millionaire father offers her 10 million pesos and a promise that she won’t spend a day in jail. Unfortunately, the congressman uses his power and influence and manages to imprison Marissa and put Ellice’s father’s initial plan to rest. The truth never reaches Ellice’s ears, and she continues to think that Marissa never went to prison. But the harsh reality is that Marissa suffers many years in prison and vows to take revenge on both of them, thinking that Ellice and her father abandoned her.

Life will not only lead them to confront each other, it will also show them another reality far removed from rancor and revenge, their children Hope and Jake fall in love and do not accept that the hatred and reproach of their mothers will rob them of the great love story they are living. Can this love break the cycle of revenge and wash away the sins committed in the past? Or will lives be sacrificed to achieve genuine forgiveness?