Legally Blind

| 55min

Grace is a promising law student who wants to reopen her father’s kidnapping case and clear his name. She strongly believes that he is innocent and deserves to be acquitted from his life sentence. This is what motivates her to study hard and become a successful lawyer.

However, her goals are shattered on the night she and her boyfriend Joel celebrate their passing the bar exams. At the party, someone spikes Grace’s drink with a drug that puts her to sleep. When Grace wakes up, she realizes that she is being raped. She fights back and manages to free herself from her assailant. However, during her escape, she accidentally crashes into a glass panel. Her injuries permanently blind her.

In his jail cell, Grace’s father hears about his daughter’s accident and dies of cardiac arrest. Grace is devastated upon learning of her father’s sudden death. She goes into depression. Soon after, she meets Edward, a kind lawyer who helps her investigate her kidnapping and rape. He stays by her through thick and thin, and eventually they fall in love and get engaged.

However, as Edward uncovers the rapist’s identity, he discovers that it is his brother, William, who raped Grace. Torn between his love for his fiancé and his brother, whose side will Edward take?