Little Mommy

| 55min

Can society create awareness in young people to avoid early pregnancies? How to help little Tania; a 16 year old mentally retarded girl who becomes pregnant by who she believes is the love of her life.

Tania is a young orphan who has a special condition that does not allow her to grow mentally like the rest of the children in her neighborhood. Despite the challenges surrounding her condition, Tania finds love and care through her grandparents Annie and Berto, her stepbrothers Peter and Bruce, and her close childhood friend Archie. Due to her limited understanding of sex, Tania mistakes it for physical exercise and in one of her play sessions with Archie, they end up having sex. Once his grandparents find out what happened, they demand that Archie marry Tania or answer to rape charges. Archie, who is emotionally unprepared to begin married life with Tania, agrees to marry but plans with his mother to go abroad to avoid the responsibilities of being a married man with a disabled wife to support.

After a few weeks of married life Archie leaves the country and migrates to the United States with the help of his parents. Soon after, Tania’s family discovers that she is pregnant by Archie.