Little Women

| 55min

Little Women tells the story of four sisters who go through numerous joys and hardships and who will go to great lengths to not let adversity defeat them and fulfill their dreams.

The story begins when Roberto, father of Mercedes, Josefina, Amanda, and Beatriz dies in a plane crash and his honor is stained by a FALSE accusation of drug trafficking.

The four young women must overcome this loss, and find the truth to clear the family’s honor. Together they will fight for their well-being and that of their mother Viviana.

The Little Women will give their all to achieve their goals but humiliated and in sudden poverty, they migrate to the Capital to start over. There they settle with the help of Yolanda, Viviana’s best friend, but they will have to get by on their own.

One day, however, Roberto, the father, whom everyone thought was dead, reappears by accident. Roberto is sure that the accident was provoked, and that the cocaine was deliberately planted to blame him.