Love in a Fallen City

| 55min

During a mission, young general Lu Hao Ting falls in love with a maiden named Gu Wan Yi. Love blossoms between the two, and the trust and reliance of their love gives Lu Hao Ting the courage to strive. He and his fellow comrades helped the citizens annihilate all kinds of evil forces, slowly realizing the peace of the Central plans. However, enemy forces invade the Center plans and causes misunderstandings between Lu and Gu, causing them to separate. Gu Wan Yi was also captured, and used threatened to reveal Lu Hao Ting’s weakness. However, Gu Wan Yi refuses to work with the traitors. Finally, Lu Hao Ting uses his intelligence and wits to defeat the enemies, and save Gu Wan Yi from danger. After going through a series of struggles, Lu Hao Ting and Gu Wan Yi finally reconcile. They realize that loyalty, mannerism, intelligence and trust are what keeps them going and growing. The two promised never to leave each other, and work together to help protect the country.