Love Lee Tally

| 55min

A story of romance and fantasy about a boy who becomes a 35-year-old man overnight and a beautiful heiress to a large fortune. The story of Eun-Dong, the top swimmer of his high school swimming team, and Soon-Shim, the leader of a popular female pop group. Although Eun-Dong is happily engaged to Soon-Shim, she has been unfaithful to him with Seung-Jae, who is the executive of the Dae Dong group. When Seung-Jae’s ex-girlfriend Taly returns to the country, Seung-Jae ends his relationship with Soon-Shim. After discovering the whole truth, Eun-Dong walks disconsolately through the streets and stops in front of a gallery, where he meets Taly by chance. Seeing this young man crying for his wounded heart, a mixture of feelings start to come to Taly and before leaving he gives her a card with his name on it… The next day, something mysterious happens… Eun-Dong is now a handsome man of 35 years old.