Love Me or Leave Me

| 55min

Hao-Ming has been planning a marriage proposal with Cing but she is scared off as she does not believe in marriage. Therefore, Hao-Ming gives her an “experimental marriage” to show Cing the beauty of being married. Cing is gradually moved by Hao-Ming’s affections but is disappointed when she discovers that Hao-Ming lied to her in the past. She wants to know if Hao-Ming really loves her and so she decides to pay a woman, Shan to seduce her boyfriend.

No one expected that Shan will end up falling in love with Hao-Ming, and with this she gives false reports to Cing about how he lied to her in the past. As a result, Hao-Ming and Cing live in an argument every day, creating a gulf between them. Cing is unaware that Shan is lying to him and that Hao-Ming never lied to him; he only lied to him once to hide his health problem.

To save Hao-Ming, Cing decides to leave him. Later, Cing meets Xu and his life changes completely. But fate crosses Cing and Hao-Ming’s lives again. The love between them has not eroded over time, rather it seems to have grown stronger. Their reunion spreads like wildfire and causes turmoil in their respective partners, turning their lives into chaos.