| 55min

Micaela is the daughter of Joseph Villegas y Arancibia and María Teresa Hurtado de Mendoza y de la Cueva. Joseph is the illegitimate son of a nobleman and has lost a great amount of money due to the earthquake of 1746, and his vices lead him to bet his house and his daughter to José Perfecto de Salas, who wins the game. After this, Joseph Villegas commits suicide and Micaela falls into the hands of Perfecto de Salas, who shows his desire to be the first man in her life and for this reason he has her partner, Rodrigo Castellanos, imprisoned. In the midst of this, Micaela makes the Viceroy’s Secretary wait and tells him that she will be with him if he lets her debut as an actress; the days go by and Micaela enters the theater of director Maza, while Rodrigo Castellanos is sentenced in the Real Felipe to life imprisonment for alleged espionage.

Weeks later the viceroy, Manuel de Amat y Juniet, arrives to Lima and that same night he attends the theater performance where Micaela participates and he falls in love with her, together they begin a romance that the Marquise Francisca de Altamirano and José Perfecto de Salas try to destroy as they can. Meanwhile, Rodrigo escapes from Real Felipe, goes to Canta and finds Atahualpa’s treasure, with which he returns to La Ciudad de los Reyes pretending to be a nobleman, an identity that will protect him while he takes revenge on all those who imprisoned him.