| 55min

It tells the story of Lucero (Andrea Luna), a humble and young florist mother, who falls in love in New York City with a young man named Ever (André Silva). A few weeks later, already in Peru, Lucero will realize her pregnancy. Marjorie (Cindy Díaz) is a rich, conceited and arrogant young woman who, like Lucero, is expecting a son from Felipe (Juan Carlos Rey de Castro), her husband. Months later, Lucero and Marjorie give birth on the same day and at the same time, but Marjorie’s son is born with respiratory problems and is at risk of dying, unlike Lucero’s son who was born very healthy.
Marjorie’s mother, Vicky (Liliana Trujillo), who loves Arturo more than her own mother, is the first to find out what happened to her grandson, very devastated and painful, she goes to the newborn room and tells him she asks the nurse to exchange Lucero’s son with her daughter’s, in exchange for fifty thousand soles, since her daughter would not be able to bear it, after much insistence the nurse accepts and exchanges them. But Lucero’s love for her son (who really isn’t) will be so great that he will overcome all adversities. Swapping the babies will cause problems for both families