My Three Daughters

| 55min

Leo is a kindhearted school teacher that lives, in northern Peru. He falls in love with Elena and have three daughters; three Marias, Maria Esperanza, Maria Soledad and Maria Paz. Unfortunately on their wedding day, they are attacked by criminals and are forced to move to Lima. Their happiness will not last long as Elena suddenly disappears leaving only a goodbye letter. Did she abandon them? What really happened? Leo, now all alone, has to play the father and the mother role. A new tragic event knocks at their door, and Leo finds himself in a false drug dealing accusation spending the next 9 years in prison, losing not only his freedom but also his daughters, who are taken away and all four are now separated from each other. While in prison, he swears he would prove his innocence and reunite all his family as his three daughters have not seen him or each other for over 9 years.