New Opportunity

| 55min

Lyra has spent many years of her life in grief after the loss of her son and husband in a criminal act. But after spending time with friends and meeting new people, she finds herself ready to meet and fall in love again. Lyra finds another chance at love when she meets Bernard, who also has a son, Billy, and they become engaged. As Lyra takes control of her life again, she helps her best friend Rebecca recover from drug addiction. Like Lyra, Rebecca also suffered greatly from the loss of her first child and then the kidnapping of her other son. Lyra promises Rebecca not to rest until she finds her son.

However, before their wedding, Bernard confesses a big secret to Lyra. He tells her that Billy is not his biological son. But Lyra realizes that Billy’s birthmark is the same as the description of Rebecca’s missing son. Will Billy and Rebecca’s missing son be the same person? Will Lyra give up the chance at a new family by exposing the truth?