Now and Forever

| 55min

When her parents Rodrigo and Rebecca were killed by her father’s family, it never became known to Eva that she is the long-lost heiress of the Cortes’ wealth and the sole owner of the family’s prized possession—Nostalgia.

As a child, she barely escapes the people who wanted to kill her but becomes unconscious in a boat accident. In what appears to be the astral world, she meets Inno, the future successor of the Cortes jewelry empire, while the boy was in the middle of a medical operation for his brother.
Years later, the two cross paths and suddenly, a sense of attraction happens between them, despite never having met each other. As destiny brings them together, love blossoms while the mystery of Eva’s identity slowly unravels.

Will Eva find justice for her family? Amidst her real identity, to what extent will Eva risk for Inno? Will their love have a chance… now and forever?