Orphan Hearts

| 55min

Orphan Hearts, is the most difficult story of all times … Orphan Hearts the Voyage of Kerem and Asya; Kerem is a man who grew up without love, thus become the slave of his hatred, anger and arrogance. Asya is an orphan girl whose parents were murdered and had to grow up in an orphanage.

The voyage begins with the suffer of Asya and goes to Kerem’s heart and is embroidered like lace work with determination, resolution and patience.

Kerem, thanks to his companion, realizes that the real orphan is himself. Getting to know Asya, he understands that he was torturing himself for years, and begins to fight with the hatred and emptiness in his heart.

The address of treason and hatred in this series is Kemal, a character who has no limits.
 He is a tyrant, who for his benefit, kills, gets people murdered, burns and makes massacres.