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A Thousand Days’ Promise (Mil días de promesa)

Suh Yeon’s job is to re-write others’ biographies. Ever since she was 5 years old, she and her brother were left at her aunt’s house and lived a life much like an assistant’s. For Suh Yeon, even something as beautiful as love only feels painful.

It’s been a year of loving a man with a fiancée but it’s been too long since her heart felt empty. She spent the last year trying to ignore the harsh reality of her fate but the pain does not know when to stop. As if the pain of forbidden love is not enough, she is now also about to lose all of her memory.

She has always been strong towards all the pain she had to endure but death comes much faster for this thirty year old. The diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease only adds another question mark in her unfortunately life. But instead of blaming others, she once again prepares herself to accept such atrocity.

One week away from his marriage the man finds out about her disease and blames himself for all her suffering. With disregard to the promise of marriage between families and his fiancée, the only thing on his mind is the fact that he did not have the courage to fight for his true love.

The man now wants to return to his true love but his true love slowly distances from him. He tries to convince her to see a doctor but she refuses and her hopelessness only deepens his guilt.

The drama starts with the words ‘separation’ and ‘death’. The man shows us a story of sacrifice as he attempts to hold on to his slowly departing true love. The new life and love she is about to experience is his 1000 days of promise. Let us fall into this romantic story of one man’s undying passion to hold onto one woman who will soon forget everything.

Program Length: 20 episodes of 70 minutes each
Director: Jeong Eul Young
Script: Kim Soo Hyeon
Cast: Kim Rae Won, Suae