Project Description



Roots is a dramatic series that revolves around the story of Fouad, a famous Lebanese businessman who was forced to withdraw from the pleasures of life due to heart disease. On his deathbed, Fouad reveals to his sons the existence of another daughter named Carla, the result of an adventure he had in Paris, which he kept secret for many years. Fouad asks to see his daughter before dying; the family accedes and goes in search of her, but upon arriving she comes with her mother, the old love of Fouad and its son.
Fouad instantly falls in love with his grandson since his dream was to become a grandfather. Carla also steals the heart of Malek, Fouad’s stepson, who refuses to admit his feelings as many barriers stand in the way of his love.
Just before Carla returns to France, a heart donor appears to her father. The father of the donor and his brother Sherif come to Lebanon to meet the man who now carries the heart of his beloved. A beautiful relationship between families develops when Carla and Sherif fall in love. But Sherif hides a marriage and a family in Egypt. Who will keep Carla’s love? Will life give Fouad another chance?