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Supertors follows the adventures of five superpowered kids from Superfleet. Their job: save the galaxy from the scheming of wannabe evil genius Zeeboz, who sometimes needs rescuing himself.

Captain Danny, the nano-armoured leader of the group aspires to be Superfleet’s top captain but cannot seem to get along with the “obey rules and regulations” part of his job.

This puts him in direct conflict with his telekinetic sister, Elly, who is also the ship’s science officer. A borderline obsessive compulsive, she breathes Superfleet protocols.

Rounding up the team are Sash, super-strong, sweet and slightly clueless; Bling whose super-speed and short sightedness are ingredients for disaster and Alan, Superfleet’s youngest communications office who only speaks non-human languages.

Together the Supertots struggle to thwart Zeeboz’s evil plans and earn the respect of Superfleet’s Admiral Gabriziel.

Genre: Animation
Program Length: 13 or 26 episodes of 22 or 11 minutes each
Year: 2012
For ages: 6-9 years old