| 55min

Inspired by the stories of fairy tale princesses, this is the story of four girls:
Blanca (Fiorella Pennano): After the death of her father, Blanca stays with the presidential adviser, Regina Ortega (her stepmother) (Karina Jordán), who married her father after the strange death of her mother, all this when Blanca was just a girl. Regina out of greed will make Blanca’s life miserable.
Bella (Flavia Laos): she is the daughter of the President of the Republic. After rejecting her boyfriend and almost being mistreated, she meets Aaron (Stefano Salvini), a man with a sad past from which feelings could flow.
Danielle (Tatiana Calmell): A girl abused by her stepmother and stepsisters. One day after being accused of robbery by one of them, she met Felipe (Mauricio Abad); the mayor’s son, a cute boy who quickly fell in love with her.
Rapunzel (Priscila Espinoza): She is the “daughter” of the Mayor of the city who suffers from a disease that makes her be in a wheelchair, and that she has little time to live. She will have to discover who her true family is and conquer the love of her life.