Rita & I

| 55min

When his father dies, Nicolás decides to put all his money in the hands of his father’s accountant, Alan de Vitto, who will end up keeping all his inheritance, leaving Nicolás completely ruined and full of debt. Finding himself involved in so many problems, he realizes that the only solution for him is to work, but no one gives him since he does not have the gift of working.
To do this, he will resort to extreme measures thanks to Sebastián, his inseparable friend, who makes him enter the prestigious advertising agency of Enrique Elías and all with a double purpose. Pay the debts of the tenant of the “El Turco” and be close to Kiara, daughter of the owner of the advertising agency and future platonic love. To do this, he will have to stop being Nicolás, to become a woman (Rita).
Rita’s change will bring repercussions for the agency, including the owner of the company, the employees and the tenant El Turco. Throughout the series, Nicolás will fight his love for Kiara and will seek to take care of Rita’s image, but he will face his main rival in the company and Kiara’s possible lover, Gustavo.