Selim & Sarah

| 55min

Selim &Sahra explores the lives of two people from radically different backgrounds as they explore each other’s worlds. Selim, an idealistic teacher who has just spent years abroad, decides to return to his home country after living in Syria once he learns about the country’s civil war. He feels obligated to help favorite student, Ali, and his mother, Sahra, at border control. Selim, who is expected to be arriving home soon, crosses the Turkish border with Ali and Sahra to escape the chaos. Waiting for Selim in Syria is Asli, a girl who dreams of getting married to him one day so her plan can fall into place. However, Sahra and her son are the last things she expected to come between her and Selim. “Selim &Sahra” is a story of a woman stuck between the love for her son and the man she just met, a teacher struggling between his morals and the two women in love with him, and a young woman who is determined to do everything in order to have the man she loves.