| 55min

Mauli and Nandini are best friends who grew up together but Nandini strays from friendship when she meets Rajdeep Thakur, she does not listen to Mauli’s wishes who warns her of Rajdeep’s bad character.
After 10 years, Mauli is a successful gynecologist, living with her husband, pediatrician Kunal Malhotra. Married to Rajdeep, Nandini is a victim of domestic violence, Rajdeep often abuses Nandini, both physically and mentally.
Kunal meets Nandini at a medical conference and tells Mauli about it. After so many years without hearing from her, Mauli contacts her and finds out that Nandini is pregnant. Finding out about her pregnancy, Rajdeep hits Nandini and leaves her lying on a road. Kunal finds her and takes her to the hospital, but Nandini loses her baby.
Convinced by Mauli, Nandini denounces her husband for domestic abuse and takes refuge in Mauli’s house. Kunal begins to fall in love with her, he knows that he owes Mauli fidelity but he can’t stop thinking about Nandini. Slowly, Nandini starts to feel the same way about Kunal and decides to leave the city to escape from kumal and erase the romantic feelings that she also feels towards him.
Kunal looks for her and declares her love for her, both live a secret romance until Mauli discovers it. Mauli is heartbroken to find out from her and she files for divorce from her, but she finds out that she is pregnant. Kunal accepts the divorce and after a misunderstanding accuses her of a false pregnancy. He marries Nandini and they move away from her while Mauli decides to rise from the pain that afflicts her and face an uncertain future alone, and with her daughter that she expects from her. What will be the future for Nandini, Mauli and Kunal.