Someone to Watch Over Me

| 55min

After having her heart broken many times, Joanna almost loses all hope of loving another person. But one day, while visiting the beautiful town of Vigan, she meets TJ and falls in love again. The couple’s torrid romance immediately leads to their marriage. After some time the happy couple welcomes the arrival of a beautiful baby boy.

You could say that their marriage is a dream marriage, however, TJ begins to occasionally lose his memory and become disoriented. After some time, these episodes worsen over time which will cause him to progressively forget the most important things like leaving his forgotten child in a supermarket. Suddenly and without warning, TJ starts desperately looking for his ex-girlfriend, Irene. Joanna, dismayed by the situation, seeks professional help and TJ is subjected to rigorous medical tests. The results are devastating when it is discovered that TJ is suffering from the beginnings of Alzheimer’s disease. The situation worsens when TJ stops recognizing his family and only wants to move in with Irene.

Although the situation becomes very difficult, Joanna accepts her husband’s fate and cares for him. But how long can she bear the pain of watching her husband lose his memory while loving another woman? Will her love be big enough to save the relationship?