Son, Where are you?

| 55min

Jessie’s perfect life becomes a nightmare when her only son, Ethan is kidnapped by unknown persons. No contact is made by the kidnappers, making the police conclude that the kidnapping was an act of revenge. Jessie has no clue as to who holds a grudge against her or her husband, Brylle, since they live a relatively quiet life. Brylle is a hard working doctor while Jessie is a devoted housewife. However, Brylle suspects Amado, the father of a patient he failed to save, and Reign, a lover he is keeping from Jessie.

Jessie spends her time searching for Ethan. She gains an ally in Larry, the lead investigator of the case who has hidden feelings for her. She meets Marie, who is actually Reign pretending to be a friend and who is plotting to ruin her marriage and steal Brylle.

In Jessie’s quest to find her son, she uncovers secrets that will point to unlikely suspects and will push her to the limit. Will she get back everything that was taken from her?