Strange Love

| 55min

The magic of this story brings together two characters who are two sides of the same coin. Arnav is an arrogant businessman with a heart of stone, unable to believe in love. His only emotional connection is with his sister Anjali. Khushi is a simple, traditional girl deeply rooted in family values. She unlike Arnav believes strongly in love and God. Arnav, Anajli and Khushi have been deeply affected by their past. Fate brings Khushi and Arnav together in strange circumstances, where at first there will be no chemistry. However they will meet again more than once because of relations between their respective families. Lavanya, Arnav’s future wife is a modern girl identified with Western culture. Khushi will be in charge of bringing her closer to traditional values to make her a good wife for Arnav. During this training, love will arise between Khushi and Avnar, a love which both will deny but Lavanya senses it. On one such occasion Anjali’s husband Shyam meets and falls in love with Khushi. Shyam pretends to be the perfect husband in everyone’s eyes, but all he is after is Avnar’s family fortune. Shyam begins to conspire against Khushi and Arnav’s latent love, and manages to deceive them to such an extent that Khushi gets engaged to Shyam, but soon after she discovers that he was already married and Khushi decides to call off the marriage. Arnav’s sister Anjali is expecting Shyam’s baby, and Arnav vows to save Anjali’s marriage and forces Khushi to marry him under a contract marriage. Will this contractual marriage turn into a real one? Will Avnar and Kuhsi manage to overcome all adversities to finally accept that they are in love with each other?