Sweet Revenge

| 55min

Rome and Emma’s marriage seems perfect, but as in any relationship, problems take over. Emma is a splendid housewife, devoted to her son Austin. After many years being a housewife, she begins to neglect her appearance and distance herself from her husband. In contrast, Rome is a pilot and is very appearance-conscious, always envying the perfect wives of his companions at social events.

One day Rome meets Georgia, a friend of Emma’s, who has just returned from a trip. She turns out to be a successful, beautiful and elegant woman. On one occasion, she flirts with Rome, makes him fall in love, and they have an affair. However, when Emma discovers her husband’s affair with Georgia, she confronts them. Rome decides to stay with Georgia and little Austin, divorcing Emma. Emma is devastated by everything that happened.

After a few years, Rome, Georgia, and Austin return. During that time Emma has reinvented herself and now she is a beautiful business woman. Her greatest wish is to get her family back and she comes up with a plan to do it. Now things have turned around and the ex-wife is now her lover and vice versa. But Georgia has other plans and won’t let Rome get her ex-wife back. Will Emma get her family back?