| 55min

Lieutenant Ramin is a very handsome and clever police officer. He became a hero overnight after bringing down a drug cartel and capturing all the culprits. Phetra is a very beautiful and famous actress. Due to their popularity, Ramin and Phetra were paired to work together in an upcoming film. But both of them are hopelessly narcissistic: They are only able to love themselves and are enamored by their appearance, their face and the shape of their body. They believe they are the perfect specimen of a man and woman, and this makes them arrogant toward others. One day, they are cursed by destiny, and their identities are exchanged with each other’s: woman to man, and man to woman. Ramin and Phetra are shocked about their new condition. Raminhas to dress like Phetra, and Phetra has to dress like Ramin. How can they survive this awkward condition?