The Better Half

| 55min

Camille (Shaina Magdayao) is happily married to Marco (Carlo Aquino). Meanwhile, Bianca (Denise Laurel), Marco’s childhood friend, is secretly in love with him. She begs Marco to marry her but Marco’s heart is only for Camille.

After Marco’s and Camille’s wedding, Marco flies to Dubai as an overseas worker. Unfortunately, the plane crashes with no survivors. Bianca, obsessed with Marco, does not stop searching for him and finds him stranded in an island. Marco suffers amnesia but remembers Bianca from his childhood. Bianca decides to use his amnesia and builds an intricate lie to him about his life: she tells him she is his wife and they live together as man and wife. Meanwhile, Camille is distraught over her husband’s death and eventually meets Rafael (JC de Vera), they fall in love and get married. Camille runs a school and the couple try to have a baby.

Months after, Bianca’s greatest fear comes true as Marco begins to slowly recover his memories of another woman, but is unable to put figure it out. Bianca uses information she gathers about Camille and manipulates Marco into believing his recovering memories are of her. However, Marco continues to pursue his unanswered questions about his memories.

Bianca discovers she is pregnant and ultimately, Marco chooses to go with Bianca to the United States. They soon get married, and Bianca gives birth to a baby girl they name Julia. They are a happy family and soon set up a furniture business. But Bianca’s father suffers a heart attack and Bianca is required to return home to run her father’s failing business, so Bianca and Marco return to Manila with their dad alighted Julia, who is enrolled in the school run by Camille. Bianca discovers that her father signed a partnership agreement with Rafael’s company.

Marco and Camille’s world collide, but Marco does not recognize Camille. When his memory returns, Camille petitions for an annulment of their first marriage. Camille loves Rafael and has moved on from Marco. Bianca’s obsession and paranoia gets worse and life becomes dangerous for Camille, Rafael and her loved ones. In Bianca’s psychotic state, she kills most of Camille’s loved ones, including Rafael, and Camille almost perishes but is saved by Marco