The Heart Knows

| 55min

Boyet is a 20-year-old boy diagnosed with mild autism who is suddenly faced with the great challenge of becoming a father. Due to his candid and innocent appearance, a prostitute named Aubrey seduces him and claims that he is the father of his baby. When she gives birth, Aubrey leaves baby Noah in Boyet’s care. The idea of being a father excites Boyet, not knowing the scope of the responsibilities that entails. Boyet is forced to take on things beyond his capabilities to care for the baby. With the help of his mother, Isay, and his childhood friend, Carol, Boyet does everything he can to care for baby Noah, but finds that parenthood isn’t as easy as he imagined. .
One day, Aubrey returns to reveal the truth: Noah is not Boyet’s biological son, but one of Boyet’s clients. Will Boyet be willing to let go of Noah, whom he has come to love and appreciate?