Tumhari Pakhi

| 55min

Anshuman, heir to the Rathod manor, was betrothed to little Pakhi by his father when they were just children. The tension between the two families meant that Pakhi did not go to live with her fiancée at the house of her future in-laws. In time, Anshuman marries a girl of his choice when he is of age, but she dies in a car accident, leaving him with a son named Ayan. Time passes and Anshuman decides to remarry Tanya, the daughter of a wealthy businessman. But when the news of her engagement to Pakhi is exposed, he goes in search of her to dissolve him so he can get engaged to Tanya. What Anshuman did not expect is that Pakhi has no plans to dissolve such an engagement and therefore devises a plan with his sister to achieve his objectives. Anshuman and her sister try to taunt Pakhi and intimidate her into agreeing to disband her, but Pakhi doesn’t give up on her and Anshuman starts to fall in love with her. This will only be the beginning of an endless number of situations that will test the love between our two protagonists, Anshuman and Pakhi.