Two Sisters

| 55min

In 1993, during the time of terrorism, Mery and Urpi are two sisters who live with their parents in the mountains, but their lives changed when some terrorists murdered their parents and then they decide to flee to Lima, once in the capital they entered a shelter, however, the two sisters were separated, nothing is known about Urpi, while Mery escaped from the shelter, and was wandering in the street until she was later adopted by Loyda Pérez who invites her to live in her house with her children Ramon and Betsy.
After many years, Mery is now an adult and has her husband Johnny and her daughter Rosita. Against all odds, she goes in search of finding her sister, Urpi, who is now called Fiorella, is a professional who studied abroad and who He came to Lima to visit his parents and his adoptive younger sister. Mery and Fiorella accidentally meet on the street, however, since the latter does not remember anything, she has a grudge against the former, things change when Noelia is detected to have cancer and then she decided that Fiorella should take over the reins of the Vitalia company where none other than Mery and her adoptive sister, Betsy were hired as assistants, and that is where Fiorella manifests her rejection against Mery, without knowing the truth. It will take a long time, and many obstacles, for both of them to come back together as… Two sisters.