Until We Meet Again

| 55min

Evelyn and Larry are a happily married couple. Her daughter Ana is a beautiful girl and the source of all her joy. One day Ana disappears without a trace. The couple undertake a tireless search for months, but it is useless. Ravaged by Ana’s disappearance, Evelyn and Larry blame each other for what happened and eventually separate. They did not realize that it was Odessa, a woman obsessed with Larry, who kidnapped Ana. Their purpose was to separate Larry from his wife. Odessa hid the girl in a barn in the middle of the forest, where no one could find her. During her captivity, Ana is isolated from any human interaction. As a result, the girl does not learn to communicate and does not know how to love or feel compassion for someone, since her social and cognitive skills were never developed. One day, when Ana was about eighteen, she manages to escape from the farm. While trying to get out of that dangerous forest, he stumbles upon Calvin, a young psychology student. Fearing the strange encounter, Ana runs away but accidentally falls onto a cliff. Calvin rescues Ana and takes her home. Calvin is very intrigued by Ana’s peculiar character and takes her as a study for his undergraduate thesis. In this process, he is teaching Ana about the world and helping her gain confidence in herself and in her social skills. Could Ana live a normal life? Will you ever be reunited with your family?