| 55min

Lily is a little wildflower, but in a cruel twist of fate, her parents die at the merciless hands of the Ardientes, a powerful political clan commanded by the evil governor Julio Ardiente, and his vinegary daughter Emilia. Lily, orphaned at a young age, has no choice but to fend for herself. Although the Ardientes thought she was dead, she survives when she is protected under the wing of a fearless woman named Prianka, who molds her for several years to exact revenge on the Ardientes, who have also caused her much pain. Lily then becomes Ivy, Prianka’s daughter.

Hungry for justice, Ivy returns, her beauty seducing Ardent Arnold, Emilia’s favorite son, who becomes obsessed by Ivy’s alluring charm. Emilia feels jealousy and hatred for Ivy for watching her favorite son Arnaldo’s whimsy and tries to kill her repeatedly, but fails. Little by little Ivy’s plan is working, the political power of the Ardientes is diminishing, and Emilia finds herself in a psychiatric hospital after Ivy proved she was a murderer. But she crosses paths with a childhood friend, Diego Ardiente, whom she hasn’t seen for a long time. Diego Ardiente, brother of Arnaldo and son of the ruthless Emilia, humiliated by his grandfather Julio and unappreciated by his family since he was a young boy, Diego became a man who earned the respect and affection of his community, far removed from the power-hungry desires of his relatives. Will Diego find the girl he has longed for all these years through Ivy? Will Ivy remain unstoppable in her quest for revenge or will her heart be reconciled by Diego?