Wings of Love

| 55min

Leah Olivar is a lively young woman fueled by the “American Dream”. Years ago, her mother Rona migrated to the U.S. to provide a better life for her, her older sister Tiffany, and their father Sol. She also leaves Leah with a lesson: “If they love you, they’ll return”. However, Rona unexpectedly passed away leaving them behind in the Philippines. Leah, now grown, has the same goal as her late mother and holds close to heart her final message. When her choir is invited to perform in a chorale competition in San Francisco, Leah sees it as the perfect opportunity to chase her dreams.   

At the same time in San Francisco, a hard-working young man named Clark Medina struggles to make ends meet to support his family in the Philippines. Living on his own, he is often helped by his Aunt Jack. But his financial burdens only continue to increase. Clark also hides a painful past. When he was young, he was abandoned by his estranged American father and his Filipina mother died soon after – forcing him into the care of social services living a lonely life in different foster homes. His Aunt Jack could not take him in at the time since she was an illegal immigrant